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The Art of Giving

Tête-à-tête, Sheep watercolour painting

Gift of Art

Treat friends and family without worrying about choosing the wrong thing. Gift them a voucher and let them select their favourite piece.


Curated Collections

Hyacinth by Zuzana Edwards, Abstract floral watercolour, 28 x 38 cm


Wonky Family by Zuzana, pottery still life watercolour, 11 x 15 inch (28 x 38 cm).

Still Life & Studies

Grapes by Zuzana Edwards, Still Life original watercolour, 11 x 15 inch (28 x 38 cm).


Heads Together by Zuzana Edwards, Blue Poppy seed heads, Minimalist watercolour, Blue, 28 x 38 cm


Something moved by Zuzana Edwards, Watercolour Fine art print

Nature & Landscapes

Rock and Sea by Zuzana Edwards, Watercolour, Wall decor seascape 30x18 cm



About Zuzana 

 Zuzana Edwards is a London-based watercolour artist. She uses the unique qualities of watercolour to create atmospheric and expressive works. Read about her inspiration, and a brief background, here …